Resource Room

Person County Partnership for Children operates a Resource Workroom during open business hours that is available to the child care workforce and parents. Our Workroom features arts and crafts materials, a die-cut machine with many patterns, and a 27-inch laminator. Providers and parents may also check out activity boxes and children’s books.

Membership and Operating Policies for Workroom/Library Use:

  • Must be employed in a Person County licensed child care facility or part-day preschool, OR must be a parent/caregiver and Person County resident.
  • Prior to use, members must sign a Resource Work Room Check Out Agreement.
  • Materials are available for a check out period of 2 weeks. Check out period may be extended by 1 week if the member calls to request an extension prior to the end of the 2 week period.
  • All items must be returned in good condition.
  • If a facility or member loses, destroys, or damages materials beyond use, the facility or member is responsible for replacement or repair cost.
  • No more than 5 books and 2 Theme Boxes may be checked out by a facility at one time. No more than 3 books and 1 Theme Box may be checked out by an individual not associated with a child care facility or preschool.
  • Failure to comply with these policies will result in the termination of the member’s check out privileges.
  • Operating Hours are contingent upon PCPFC office hours, holiday closures, and staff availability. Please call (336) 599-3773 before coming to ensure that staff is available to assist.
  • Fees:
    • No membership fee.
    • Paper copies – $.10 for black and white, $.10 for color
    • Lamination – $1.00 per yard